Sunday, 26 July 2015


Earlier this month I went on a 4 night holiday with my family to Weymouth in Dorset. The seaside town recently made the UK headlines thanks to a surprise visit from David and Brooklyn Beckham, who appeared to be on a father-and-son fishing trip. They delighted residents by posing for selfies while picking up brekkie in the local Morrisons - doesn't get more glam than that!

We had booked this trip long before this celebrity sighting, and as my dad will have no problem informing you, we had been a few times as kids. It's a three hour train journey from London Waterloo and the perfect place to come if you're looking for a long sandy beach, beautiful coastline and cute shopping lanes, without having to get on a plane. The only thing that can't be guaranteed is the weather but we were lucky to get plenty of sunshine during our stay, and came back with an abroad-worthy tan!

I couldn't remember a great deal about Weymouth as it had been about 15 years since my last visit, aside from one super hot day spent at the beach. The sand is fine and the water is shallow, and really makes you feel like you're a million miles away from the humidity, pollution and grind of London.

If you end up planning a visit, make sure you pack sunscreen - I managed to get burnt within an hour of getting to Weymouth as there's more exposure to the o-zone layer down there!

In my next post I'll show you where we stayed - a caravan park 10 minutes drive away with rolling hills and a sea view.

Have you been to Weymouth before?


P.s. That last photo is a close-up of a giant jellyfish - luckily that was next to the harbour and nowhere near where people were swimming!

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