Sunday, 24 May 2015

Long time,!

For some reason this is my first blog post of 2015 and it's nearly the end of May, not ideal. It wasn't intentional to hold off for so long. I've had several moments over the last six months where I thought of blog posts and meant to get to it and I just never did. I can put it down to a few of the usual suspect reasons, feeling tired after work and not wanting to sit in front of my laptop but more than that, at the start of the year, the January/Winter blues seemed to hit me harder than usual. Not that I was sad or upset about anything, it was more a lacklustre feeling of demotivation, restlestness and dare I say it, boredom.
Since Spring arrived and the sunshine has helped to suck up the negativity, I've had time to reflect and think about what was going on in my head. I realised that pretty much every year since I left university (which is three years now, ouch!), I've had a pretty big life changes occur that has presented challenges, both good and bad - from changing jobs and job promotions, to making friends and friends leaving, and moving into my first flat in London with my boyfriend, it's been pretty eventful! And so 2015 is the first year that everything has settled down and pretty much stayed the same. While this probably sounds like something which should have come as a relief, I've realised that I enjoyed those challenges more than I thought.

I do have bigger life plans in the pipeline, in the not-too distant future (mysterious, hey!) so I've come to appreciate that I should make the most of the calm before the storm and having small luxuries I take for granted - a stable roof over my head, a steady relationship, great friends, job security, family close by. But more importantly I should remember that despite my love/hate relationship with London, that when I leave one day, I will come to realise how much I took it for granted.

I hope I haven't bored you too much with this post, I had a real urge this morning to write it and finally get back into blogging. Here's a few photos of some fun moments from the past couple of months, enjoy and thanks for reading!

Ally Pally beer festival

A more civilised picture with the girls

View from Level 33 of The Shard!

The old pier, Brighton

Flirtini o'clock!


Pretty breakfast surroundings in our local cafe for an ugly hangover

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