Saturday, 4 October 2014

Iggy Azalea London show

After booking tickets for my sister and I to see Iggy Azalea in April, September rolled around surprisingly quickly! I was worried about the safety of my Lumix camera so didn't bring it. Which is a shame really as we had Level 2 seats - not only did we have the perfect view of the stage but my camera would have been perfectly fine. Nevermind, I hope you don't mind the lesser-quality phone shots.

Iggy has a bit of a bad rep for not being a good live performer but she's clearly had plenty of practise now as she was amazing! Despite having a sore throat she managed to put on an energetic show and rap without missing a beat for all of her hits. The highlight of the evening was seeing her perform 'Work' live which has pretty much been a dream since the video first came out. Iggy also included her verses from recent collaborations including Ariana Grande's 'Problem' and T.I.'s 'Mediocre'. The crowd went into a wild frenzy when West London local Rita Ora joined her on stage for 'Black Widow'. Her troupe of dancers twerked their way into the audience's heart, and along with Iggy's infamous derriere, provided plenty of ass-envy.

It felt like it was all over so quickly but I'm so happy we managed to get to see Iggy in an intimate venue as I feel with her growing popularity this year, it might be the last chance!

Oh and in case you were wondering, we loved Shepherd's Bush Empire as a venue - minimal queueing, small, old theatre style design and we had a bar and toilets right near our seats. WIll definitely be keeping an eye out for more gigs there.

If you're an Iggy fan hope you enjoyed this post!

Make sure you pop back soon for a snapshot into our Crete travels...

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