Saturday, 25 October 2014

Crete: The White Mountains & Libyan Sea

Sorry for the delay in posting the remaining photos from Crete, October has been a busy month! Can't believe it's been a month since we were here, the colder Autumn weather in London helps to make it feel like a life time ago.

As you can see from the ominous photo, we were driven high up to the top of Lefka Ori, also known as the White Mountains, to begin a group cycling tour. We don't really cycle much these days but we wanted to pick an excursion to do and this sounded fun. It was an early start as our guides arrived at 8am to pick us up from the hotel. Despite being really excited to do the tour, as we drove higher up into the mountains, serious anxiety started kicking in. I'm a wimp at the best of times, and all of a sudden realising we were going to have to cycle our way down, I wondered what the hell I had signed up for.

I'm pleased to say that after the 45 minutes I felt like a seasoned pro cycling down the winding roads. It was a level one tour so it was almost entirely downhill on proper roads, no dirt tracks for us! It was exhilarating speeding down the mountains and I tried my best to take in the beautiful scenery. We stopped off at a taverna for a coffee break and for a quick photo shoot. We weren't alone, there were a lot of these noisy fellas running around...

As we cycled down, the guides stopped off a couple of times at points where we could snap the best views. They were incredible and it felt so surreal. Crete is the farthest island from Greece and at the bottom of the White Mountains lies the LIbyan Sea.

The next stretch included some uphill cycling At this point it was midday so the sun was beating down, proving for a tough cycle. I'm ashamed to say I could only cycle uphill so far before I had to get in the truck but Dan soldiered on up the hill. He still looked as cool as a cucumber after!

By the time we reached the bottom of the mountains, we were hot, sweaty and more than ready to splash around in the sea. After a few more photos of course...

It was hard to pick up on camera the gorgeous green colours of the Libyan Sea. The water was much calmer than the beach near where we were staying and felt very soothing after a long few hours spent cycling. 

After our short time on the beach and cooling off in the water, it was time to drive back up the mountains for lunch at a taverna with amazing views. Including this adorable little lady:

Sadly the day flew by and all of a sudden it was time to drive back to Rethymno. This day was definitely our favourite of our trip and we'd highly recommend a cycling tour if you visit Crete. There are lots of companies and tours to choose from and we found this one from a leaflet at a local travel guide company.

I have one final post from Crete (sad face) of the Rethmyno Old Town which I'll share soon. Hope you've enjoyed reminiscing with me!

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