Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dirty Burger

As Dan is delightfully modelling, on Saturday we sampled the much-hyped Dirty Burger. The brainchild of the Soho House group, there are a few located around London. We decided to venture North to the Dirty Burger in Kentish Town where we met Danielle and Charlie for a belated birthday celebration AKA an excuse to pig out!

Bellies grumbling in anticipation, we trekked down Highgate Road hoping we'd soon reach our burger mecca. Fortunately, Dan had done his research so knew that it was round the back of Pizza East. Sure enough, there was the bin you can see pictured above. And further around the corner was a small, corrugated iron shack. Inside, almost all of the limited seating was filled with men, women and children chowing down on the Dirty Burger offerings:

Love the 'Dirty Cop-Out' name for the veggie burger!

Although I was tempted by the double stacked, I left the heart attack burger for Dan to conquer and opted for the single stack Dirty Bacon. We shared the crinkle cut fries and onion fries so we could sample both. Similar to Patty & Bun, our food arrived fast food style.

I have to admit, when Dan unwrapped his, I felt a pang of serious food envy. Just look at this badboy:

If that hasn't made you dribble onto your keyboard, I don't know what will!

Despite looking rather modest in comparison, my burger was incredible. It looks like mush but it was so.damn.tasty. It was cooked perfectly, the bacon was thick cut and the whole thing was so juicy. I'm not entirely sure what made it taste so good but I would say it's the best burger I've ever had. The sides did not disappoint either, particularly the onion fries!

However, I have to say that we weren't really happy with the seating. As there's only one big table in the middle and that was full, we had to sit on the hard stools at the bench. We had to sit in an L shape so couldn't face each other while we ate. It wasn't a huge deal, but it meant that we swiftly ate our food and downed our drinks so we could move on to the pub. And being the size that it is, it's probably exactly what they wanted!

Once we finished our food, perhaps owing to the excessive amount of meat, salt and grease, things started getting silly...

We wanted the boys to take a nice photo of Danielle and I but instead they wanted to take a butters selfie. And then proceed to photobomb us...

But we finally got there in the end! Sort of...

I'll definitely be going back to Dirty Burger but I'm hoping the Shoreditch/Whitechapel ones have better seating so we can enjoy the place itself more. Although I suppose that kind of goes against the point of these places - they are essentially trendier, tastier versions of McDonalds/Burger King. Their prices don't break the bank either and the food is worth every penny...and more!

Have you been to Dirty Burger before? Which burger place should we go to next?

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