Monday, 25 August 2014

25th Birthday

Wearing this floral print box crop top from Matalan

"It's ma birthday, it's ma birthday, Ima spend my moonneyyyy" -'s words provided the perfect theme tune for this year's celebrating of my 25th birth year. Despite being more hung up than I should be on getting another year older, I had a great time celebrating this weekend. 

As the weather has been so unpredictable recently, I wasn't sure if we'd be hosting a small party outdoors or in our flat which made choosing the decor tricky. However a quick dash to Tiger and Wilkinson's resulted in a kitsch, pink theme complete with watermelon bunting, flamingo cocktails sticks, flamingo wrapping paper fashioned into a tablecloth and pink balloons. It all came together surprisingly well and even matched with my new MAC lipstick in 'All Fired Up' (detailed post coming soon!).

One of the highlights of the evening was my very talented friend Ellie showing up with an Iggy Azalea cake she made herself from scratch. As you may have seen in this and this post, I'm obsessed with Iggy so this truly was an awesome gift! 

We drank copious amounts of gin at our flat until we headed out to party until the wee hours at a hip hop night in Dalston. I had to rid myself of my hangover sharpish as my family came over on Sunday to bring more cake, cards and presents including these amazing flamingo fairy lights which I've wanted for so long. I hadn't actually said that out loud to my sister but she remembers me cooing over some in a bar in Brighton. 

Other presents included this gorgeous bikini from ASOS which I asked Dan for, to take with us to Crete in September. Without being too TMI, having a 'fuller bust' (as they call it on the site) really makes bikini shopping a pain in the arse. However this bikini fits perfectly and keeps them firmly held up whilst still looking pretty.

And finally, I managed to get my hands on the Felicity boots in black from Dune after falling in lust with them when Amelia Liana blogged about her pair. They're real leather, making for the comfiest boots I've ever worn! They didn't hurt my feet once on Saturday night, only felt pain once I sat down in the taxi on our way home. They're currently on sale from £69 to £49 so don't miss out!

Aside from feeling tired and achey, I feel very blessed to be surrounded wonderful friends and family...especially when they get me cards that say 'H is for Hoebag' on them ;-)

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