Friday, 9 May 2014

Richmond Park

Something has changed in me. Or maybe I've always felt this way and never realised. The truth is, these days I'm always craving fresh air. Even popping out at lunchtimes in the polluted City doesn't satiate my appetite for the outdoors. So it was only natural that the first thing Dan & I choose to do on the first day of our week off together, was find the biggest bit of greenery we could find in London - Richmond Park.

 And it did not disappoint. Vast amounts of grass, trees, open space, blues skies and....

...deers! More on those later.

There were lots of odd looking trees similar to this dotted around. Apparently they're 'Ancient Trees' that have been there for hundreds of years - pretty impressive!

An unexpected view of London's skyline - Richmond Park is located far, far away from Central London. 

As we ambled our way through the park towards the Ponds, we spotted a herd (?) of deer to our left. Of course we were super excited and walked closer to them as quietly as we could so as not to disturb them.

They weren't bothered in the slightest and carried on chomping loudly on the grass, occasionally grooming themselves. 

This beauty got very up close and personal with us! Although Dan's attempt to woo Bambi fell a bit short...

Once we had a good stalk of the deer, we carried on strolling down to stop and picnic at the Ponds.

A couple of hours later, in search of some toilets (they are few & far between FYI!), we ended up in the Isabella Plantation. Can you guess why I loved it so much? The gardens were filled with lots of azalea flowers in pink, purple and white. Our favourite bit was this beautiful stream:

Richmond Park is a 20 minute walk from Richmond Station and about 1hr 30 minutes from where we live but it was so worth the journey. I can't quite explain how happy I felt - living and working in London often makes me feel like I'm trapped in a crowded, dirty cage but here I felt peaceful and free. I'll definitely be returning here the next time I'm craving an escape.

Do you guys feel the same? Never really thought of myself as the mother earth/hippie type - maybe it's a sign I'm getting old...

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