Saturday, 24 May 2014

Flat Iron

I wasn't expecting to have another lifestyle post for you so soon but Dan decided to take us for a post-work Monday night treat at Flat Iron on Beak St. in Soho. His boss went there the Friday before and couldn't stop raving about how good it was. I had a peek at their website which annoyingly didn't contain much information (we later discovered this was part of their minimal theme) but their Facebook page came up trumps with plenty of photographic evidence of their meaty offerings.

The rather ominous 'NO RESERVATIONS' notice on their site didn't instill much confidence that we'd get a table. To our delight, we arrived just after 6pm and were seated immediately on the table closet to the entrance, providing a welcome breeze on a humid evening.

We were left with a big mug of (free!) buttery, salty popcorn to snack on while we perused the menu.

We began by ordering a bottle each of the Partizan Lemongrass pale ale as recommended by the waiter. I almost never drink ale but gave it a go and we both agreed that it was deliciously refreshing. 

We'd already spied the mini meat cleaver that adorns your table on their Facebook page, nonetheless we were filled with neanderthal anticipation at the prospect of dicing up our meat.

Similar to Patty & Bun (blogged about here) and most trendy eateries, the menu was simple - steak cooked to your preference served with a house salad, a choice of 5 sides and 4 sauces. We opted for a steak each (obv) and 2 sides to share - the beef dripping chips and 'today's market greens', asparagus. Dan asked for his steak medium with Fred's hot sauce and I went for the waiter's recommendation of medium rare and chose the peppercorn sauce.

No word of a lie, my mouth is watering at the sight of that steak, it was insane! Perfectly pink, tender and succulent - everything a steak should be, and more. The peppercorn sauce was the perfect creamy accompaniment and thank goodness I had the sides to momentarily distract me from inhaling the steak too quickly. Not that the sides didn't hold their own.The chips were scrumptious and light with a mild meaty flavour from the beef dripping. We felt silly saying this but we both agreed that the asparagus was the best either of us had eaten! 

We both felt very sad when our meal was over and could have happily devoured it all again. Not that the portions were skimpy - the steak was much bigger than it looked in the photos we'd seen. When we received our bill - £37 before 12.5% service charge - we were amazed at how cheap it was considering the quality of our meal. 2 steaks, 2 sides, 2 sauces AND 2 beers (£4.40 each) - an absolute steal!

Without a doubt we'll be returning to Flat Iron again very soon and highly recommend that you do the same. I would be wary if you plan to go on the weekend - a friend at work said her family were unable to get a table on Friday night so perhaps this is one to schedule for some mid-week indulgence.

Have you been to Flat Iron before? Where should we try next?

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