Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Saturday in Portobello

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Jasmin wanted to show me how West London does brunch after salivating over my Breakfast Club photos. She took me to Raoul's, a Mediterranean restaurant and deli situated between Notting Hill & Westbourne Park. 

We were boring and both stuck to one of the classics, eggs benedict with salmon.

Which we spiced up with some mimosas...

I had never tried a mimosa, or so I thought. Turns out mimosas are the the alcoholic sister of the festive drink Bucks Fizz - champagne mixed with orange juice (there's less OJ in a mimosa).

After having one too many, we decided to walk it off with a stroll through Portobello market.

And an impromptu outfit of the day photoshoot which almost resulted in us being ran over...

Portobello is famed for it's pretty painted houses. Naturally I couldn't help but be drawn to the pink one:

Once we'd spent a good hour wandering around, we retreated to the comfort of The Pelican pub on All Saints Road. Sadly I didn't get any decent snaps in there so let's move onto our next stop, The Ginstitute where they served up delightful cocktails like these. Can you guess which one I went for?

Things start to get rather blurry now. Not sure if it was the lighting or our increasingly fuzzy brains... 

After being surprised by the appearance of Nick, our GBF, we decided it was time to go soak up the day's drinking with an Honest Burger.

It's a shame about the photo as this burger was uh-mazing. I went for the namesake burger - perfectly cooked with melted cheese & crispy bacon in a brioche bun. Washed down with huge fries and a bottle of Paulaner beer.

Followed by a family photo with Nick :-)

A long, boozy but fun day spent with two of my favourite people.

Have you been to Portobello before? Where's your favourite place to wile away a Saturday?


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