Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Saturday in London Part 2: Borough Market

After a huuuuge breakfast from The Breakfast Club (come & salivate over it here), it was time to make our way slowly to Borough Market. We weren't the only ones that rose and showed our faces on Saturday morning - the sun came out to provide the perfect backdrop for playing tourist in our own city.

St Paul's Cathedral

"What do you meeeean I've got to put my camera away?"

Don't you think the clouds look like they've created a stairway to The Shard? It's hard not to feel a little smug that London is your hometown when it looks like this especially when there are hordes of tourists stopping to take photos.

There were a group of people surrounding a man sat on the Millennium Bridge. We could see paints but no canvas so we were rather confused until we realised he was painting random pieces of dried up chewing gum:

After strollin' for an hour, we finally arrived at Borough Market where we were hit with a waft of smells from various food stalls and the hustle & bustle of busy crowds.

Our first stop was the Whirld stand selling artisan confectionery. We were invited to grab a paper bag and some tongs to dig out slabs of sea salt caramel fudge, honeycomb dipped in chocolate, caramel nougat and rocky roads. I'm not surprised the fudge is award winning, it's incredible!

One of our favourite pop-up shops was Spice Mountain. We have a bit of a thing for spices and are slowing building up a collection in our kitchen cupboard. However our eyes were opened up to a whole range of spices & salts that we didn't even know existed such as this Hibiscus Sea Salt:

OK, I admit it, I was drawn to this because it's pink. I was um-ing and ahh-ing over it when the owner came over so I picked her brains about whether it would taste good. She was really passionate about it, assuring me that it went well with fish and that the hibiscus turns it pink. I know what my party trick will be the next time I have people over...

Sampling etiquette is a serious bidness.

After seeing some of the lunch dishes they had on offer, we started to regret our mammoth breakfast:

Thai green curry with chicken & seafood

Paella aka prawn porn

Once we had spent a good while checking out all of the food stalls and picking up some fresh produce to take home with us, we finished up with some greenery in the Gated Garden. Dan picked up a little pot of cacti whilst I lusted over some orange sunflowers:

They would go perfectly with my new orange bag, dontcha think?

Whether you're a London resident or in town for a visit, Borough Market is definitely worth a visit. It's really easy to find as it's right next to London Bridge station. Don't do what we did though, make sure you come with an empty stomach so you can sample some of the lunch delights (I've earmarked the salt beef sandwich for next time). I'll definitely be back!

I hope you enjoy these lifestyle posts. Whilst I love reading and writing about fashion/beauty, these types are my favourite. Plus it spurs me on to do some more exploring so I can report back!

Have you been to Borough Market before? Any recommendations for where we should go to next?


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