Sunday, 23 February 2014

Saturday in London Part 1: The Breakfast Club Hoxton

Earlier in the week Dan & I decided that for once we were going to get up at a reasonable hour and actually partake in some day activities around London. Dan suggested we go to Borough Market which has been on my list for a while. I proposed that we start off with breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton followed by a long walk to London Bridge.

Taking your camera really forces you to pay attention to your surroundings. And as it happens, walking through Shoreditch is full of weird and wonderful sights to snap:

After a pleasant and slightly weird stroll, we ended up at The Breakfast Club, only to be greeted by a queue.

Tummies grumbling, we debated whether we should try elsewhere before deciding that we'd trekked all the way here, we may as well wait it out. We ended up waiting for 15 minutes which wasn't too bad. Especially as we were kept entertained with signs like this:

The Breakfast Club welcomed us with warm arms, quirky decor and loud music. Dan initially deemed it "too loud for breakfast" until they started playing some of the classics such as Gangsta's Paradise, No Diggity and Pony.

We started off with two cuppas.

How cute is the mini milk bottle and the robot mugs? I love little attention to detail like this. I'm tempted to find some milk bottles for our flat now!

The Breakfast Club, as the name suggests, has an extensive menu for breakfast making it difficult to decide what to go for. You can have the typical full English (which Dan went for), breakfast burritos, salmon & eggs, pancakes, greek yoghurt, porridge - the works! I was tempted by the pancakes with bacon & maple syrup but my eyes kept wandering back to the Huevos Al Benny:

I think this next picture confirms I made the right decision...

I rarely use the term 'food porn' but I think this fits the bill. Let's take a look from another angle:

I'm pleased to say that this was far from a case of style over substance - my Huevos Al Benny tasted even better than it looks. The eggs were perfectly poached, the chorizo meaty, smokey & crunchy whilst the Hollandaise sauce and mashed avocado provided the perfect accompaniment. There will definitely be a repeat performance of this in future. 

So is The Breakfast Club really worth the hype? I'd say so. Yes it has got a hipster vibe but it's fun rather than pretentious; drawing a mixed crowd of locals, posers and tourists. The service was good (a rareity these days), the food delicious and the prices not outrageous. If you're looking for somewhere to start the day or cure a hangover, I'd say this is one to pop on your breakfast list. They have several Breakfast Clubs dotted around London, find your local one here.

After this we took a long walk in the sunshine to Borough Market - be sure to come back for Part 2 in my next post! *Update* Part 2 is now live here!


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