Saturday, 15 February 2014

New handbag - Fiorelli's Harper

Say hello to my new orange baby, the Harper Triple Compartment Shoulder by Fiorelli:

(The flowers are in a vase behind my bag, not coming out of it as this photo would suggest ;-))

After yet another cheap hand bag falling apart (actually it was from Accessorize so not THAT cheap, tut) I decided I wanted to invest in something a little sturdier. Sadly I wasn't in the market for anything designer so was racking my brains trying to think of a brand that wouldn't break the bank but would hold out for longer than a few months. Finally last week my friend Natacia suggested that I try Fiorelli. I completely forgot that I already own a Fiorelli black leather wallet (courtesy of Dan) so was hopeful. As soon as I clicked on their homepage, cupid shot his arrow and I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with the orange handbag gazing back at me. I tried to shake it off as I wanted to get a black bag, something versatile and a little more grownup. I started browsing their other offerings but nothing could match up and I couldn't rid myself of the feeling that this is the bag I should own. So I popped the mandarin Harper into my basket and checked out.

How do I love thee Harper? Let me count the ways. You look and feel good quality, have a million compartments to hoard my possessions, have roomy straps to sit on my shoulder, bear an envelope-style pocket and gold hardware detailing. Plus your sumptuous citrus colouring reminds me of summer days which are far, far away.


As if I haven't rambled enough, I also want to tell you about Fiorelli's excellent and super speedy customer service. Orders over £60 qualify for Free Delivery with the promise of arriving within 1-2 working days. To my delight, I received a text from DPD early the next morning informing me that it would be delivered between 9-10am - just under 24 hours after I'd ordered. It arrived with a card giving me 10% off my next order and a note encouraging me to take a snap and tweet/Instagram @Fiorelli_Bags complete with the hashtag #FiorelliStyle. I thought that was a) a nice touch b) a good plug & clever tactic to engage with their social media - fellow retailers take note!  

Pretty much every one of my friends that has seen it claims that it's very 'me'. Which I guess says a lot about my clown-esque taste in colours...

I'd highly recommend checking out the Fiorelli website, I had to force myself off it as there are so many gorgeous bags big and small to choose from!

What do you think? Do you own any Fiorelli goodies?


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