Monday, 11 November 2013

Going blonde


As I mentioned in my last post and as you can see from these terrible quality phone photos, I went blonde! It's something I've wanted to do for over a year now but was too scared. After stalking checking out a couple of bloggers (Mary & Lisa) on Instagram and seeing their lovely platinum locks, I decided to book myself in for an overhaul. 

I went to my usual hairdresser Jodie at Rush, Ilford. I've been going to her for almost a year now and she never lets me down. She always takes her time listening to my ramblings about what I think I'd like for my hair but not quite knowing how to describe. This time she sat with me for 10 minutes discussing exactly the colour I wanted and the different options. We decided that going straight to platinum blonde would a) be a huge shock to the system and b) would mean bleaching my hair which would damage it and be hard to maintain. Jodie thought the best option would be to put a base colour of golden blonde and to make the top layers lighter with highlights. Luckily I had booked a Wednesday appointment especially to get half price colour (with a cut & blowdry) otherwise my bank balance would have been more than a little drained!

Usually Jodie trims and maintains the layers in my hair but this time I asked if she could cut the ends blunt. As I wanted to keep the longer length of my hair, she suggested that we keep the front layers otherwise she would have to have cut the longest parts of my hair shorter for it all to be the same length.

Once the foils came off, Jodie warned me that as there was no natural colour left (usually I get half a head of highlights and keep the bottom layers natural) it would be a shock and take a while for me to get used to - she wasn't wrong! It's been 10 days now since I got it done and I'm still not quite used to it but it's growing on me each day. Initially the day after I hated it and was convinced it didn't suit me but luckily everyone else likes it so its convinced me to stick with it for now!

The two pictures above show my hair in two different lights - the first pic it looks close to platinum with the light reflecting on the highlights and the second picture you can see more the balance with the golden blonde. You can also see different looks; the first with glasses and red lipstick, the second with green eyeshadow and no specs.

Having washed my hair a few times now, I'm pleased to say that the dye hasn't dried my hair out although I do use the L'Oreal Ever Riche Hair Expertise moisturising shampoo and follow with their Intensive Nourishing hair mask which I use as normal conditioner as I did before I went blonde (amazing products, blog post coming on them soon!). I asked Jodie (she's blonde too) if I should be using blonde-specific haircare but she said aside from a purple shampoo, she uses normal shampoo and conditioner.

What do you think of my new locks? I would love some good purple shampoo recommendations so I can prevent the colour from getting brassy!


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