Saturday, 19 October 2013

Autumn purchases

New Look burgundy platform ankle boots - £24.99 

I popped into New Look to see if they had any cut-out boots at a decent price when I stumbled across these. Unfortunately they didn't have my size otherwise I would have picked them up there and then. I took it as a sign that we weren't meant to be together, I mean they are a little high for day wear. 

A few days later, I ended up on the New Look website - lo and behold there they were in their wine coloured glory with a little 'low stock' icon next to the size 6. A couple of clicks later and they were purchased and on their way to me. Yes they are too high for day wear and yes they hurt to walk in but they are gooorrgeous and will be perfect for dressing up any outfit for an evening out. Sadly they're now sold out completely but you can find a whole range of burgundy boots on ShopStyle. Must...refrain...from...browsing....

H&M tan flat Chelsea boots - £24.99

These were a very cheeky impulse buy whilst I was visiting my sister in Brighton. I know, I know, I had just purchased a pair of boots BUT these are a completely different style/colour/heel height and super comfy. Plus I basically got two boots for the price of that makes it OK doesn't it?! Annoyingly they're not on the website but they are available in plain black pleather in store. 

My favourite purchase is this Barbour-style jacket from Topshop. It's super comfy and light - perfect for layering up with a jumper and scarf when it's chilly. I love all the little detailing from the leather elbow patches to the gold hardware to the tartan lining in the hood - ticking all the boxes. I have to blame this purchase on Sarah from Temporary Secretary and her post on Autumn coats - it was love at first glance! I'll be sure to send my exasperated boyfriend your way ;-) 

Best of all, this jacket is still available in khaki and black on the Topshop website. £60 is a little more than I would like to have paid for it but it is really good quality material and fit wise.

Even though I really despise cold weather, I have to admit that there's something irresistible about fall fashion. Can't wait to stock up on some more pieces - I'm desperate for a fluffy jumper and (p)leather skirt like this one from Zara.

What autumn pieces have you picked up?


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