Sunday, 8 September 2013

My life recently, August edition

Dan & I finally found a flat to move into together!

Far too many nights after work wind up at Apples & Pears with my partner in crime...

Birthday lunch made up of prosecco, doughballs & a hashtag card. Followed by blurry birthday drinks and hugs with Ellie!

Photobooth fun at our work summer party

Went to Dan's cousin's beautiful wedding in Wantage, Oxford. Cue awkward couple photo with the sun in our eyes! Dress still available at Asos AND it's on sale for £28!

Eek, very naughty of me not to blog for an entire month! In my defence, August has been the busiest month of the year yet. Dan and I finally found a lovely flat to move into at the end of July so we've been getting settled in. The move went a lot smoother than I thought thankfully! 

The last week of August was especially jam-packed - celebrated my 24th (!) birthday, had our epic work summer party (at the swanky Kensington Roof Gardens complete with flamingos!) AND took a trip to Wantage, Oxford for Dan's cousin's wedding. It truly was a beautiful day in terms of weather, venues, the bride and atmosphere - many happy tears were shed!

I had just began to feel comfortable being 23 until turning 24 snuck up on me. I never really used to be hung up on age and like most teenagers, couldn't wait to be 18. Now the years fly past so quickly that I'm starting to dread getting older. That being said, this year I decided to take a positive (aka cheesy) approach and think about where I am in life at the moment. Sure there's more I could have achieved, more places I could have travelled, more memories I could have made but I'm fairly happy with what I've managed to squeeze in so far. I'm determined to experience more of what the world has to offer before life escapes me!

In other exciting news, my new and improved blog will be launching mid-October complete with a redesign and social media to match (any excuse for another Instagram account ;-). There will be much more regular blogging occurring as well - promise!

Thank you to those who have stuck around and are still following me, means a lot! I have also been taking a backseat in getting involved in the blogging community, preferring to quietly keep up-to-date with my favourite blogs and taking inspiration from the more established.

Hope you've all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to indulging in some AW fashion like I am ;-)

Until next time x

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