Thursday, 23 May 2013

Barcelona - via my phone

This is the last post I'm going to squeeze out about Barcelona...promise! I was looking through my phone photos the other day and realised I had quite a few, especially of food which has been lacking in my previous posts. I think snapping your meal with your phone gets a lot less weird looks from the other diners than with a camera (who am I kidding, people still judge you!).

Baby & daddy Estrella (why don't they sell these size cans in Ldn?!)

Sunset at Port Vell

Funky tapas restaurant 'El Guindilla' near Barceloneta indoor market

The cocktail bar where I was served up this delight.

Cute menu!

The 'metro' - Barceloneta station

Another thing I've never seen in London :-(

Sharing our first (and only!) bottle of wine. When in Barca...

Joan Collins once dined at our table, yo!

Fun fact of the day - apparently the word 'paella' is used to describe what it's served in!

No explanation needed!

Langoustines! Effort to eat but so tender.

Big guy, tiny burger!

I hope you've enjoyed reminiscing about our trip to Barcelona as much as I have. It's a stunning city with a really chilled out vibe - totally different from the daily grind of London.

If you do decide to plan a trip there, I'd highly recommend booking an apartment through Airbnb - much, much cheaper than a hotel. It'll also fool you into thinking that BCN is your home for a few days.

Have you been to Barcelona before? Link me to your posts so I can see what I missed!


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