Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Barcelona Day 2

One thing I loved about Barcelona was that there was always something interesting around the corner, whether it be a piece of graffiti or a headless man. I was snap happy before we even made it to Parc Guell!

The weather made for the perfect backdrop for Parc Guell- hot and sunny with blue skies

The Gaudi House Mueseum where he lived for almost 20 years

The infamous long bench with a mosiac decor which (literally!) snakes around the main terrace

One of my favourite things about Parc Guell was the endless greenery

It was hard not to feel small and insignificant amongst it all!

But probably my favourite thing about Parc Guell was the stunning views of Barcelona that it had to offer... 

Look closely and you'll see some rather disturbing graffiti!

At the highest point of Parc Guell was a cross where everyone was flocking to

We managed to make it but it was a little cramped up there, definitely not suitable for those afraid of heights!

Another view of the bench

One of the intricate mosiacs on the ceiling of the hypostyle room

After we spent almost 4 hours exploring Parc Guell, we were pretty peckish! We stopped off at this outdoor cafe and filled up on paella and fish so we could continue to La Sagrada Familia

As it was so tall, the Sagrada Familia was really hard to photograph (well at least for an amateur!) This is the entrance - amazing to see how much detail there is!

I think this picture gives you some idea just how tall the towers are...that crane dwarfs the smaller one which was high up enough as it is...

The sunglasses were mine, obv! Available here.

I had to finish this post with another silly picture of Dan, I'm hoping it will shame him into smiling for the camera...

See you again soon for Day 3!


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