Monday, 1 April 2013

Girl Crush: Iggy Azalea

(All images pinched from Google)

I have a confession to make...I'm in love with Iggy Azalea. When my little sister first introduced me to her, I thought "who is this trashy wannabe?!" and thought she was more of a parody than a serious artist. However it didn't take long to become intrigued by her catchy beats and OTT videos, till I was playing them almost daily. I started linking them to some of my friends in a "hey, check this girl out, isn't she kinda ridiculous?" way but not-so-secretly starting to actually like her. Then a couple weeks ago, she released her latest song and video for 'Work' and it became official- I'm hooked! I love how fearless she is with: being an Australian, white, female rapper; her style and outfits, her lyrics; and her sexuality. Oh and did I mention she can whip her hair like a helicopter and TWERK?!

If you haven't already, educate yourself here with my favourite song/vids of hers:
[WARNING! These are slightly NSFW!]

Beat Down
My World
Murder Bizness

My dad would be so proud....

What do you make of Iggy Azalea? Are you a convert like me?