Monday, 8 April 2013

Confessions of a shopaholic: featuring Forever 21, H&M & Topshop

Ok, I admit, I've been shopping a little more than usual recently. A combination of lacking in basics and the weather slowly but surely picking up, it was time to inject a breath of fresh air into my wardrobe.

First up is this steal from Forever 21. I thought it looked gorgeous before I even saw the price tag but at a mere £18.50, I knew I had to make it mine. It's a cropped pleather (made from PU) jacket that isn't quite warm enough to wear yet but will be perfect for layering over dresses and blouses in spring (any time now, would be great!). My brother's (unwanted) prediction is that I will look like a salmon in it- cheers Rich!


If you've read my previous posts then you'll have noticed that I'm obsessed with blouses, particularly the floaty kind. This blouse is part of H&M's 'Conscious Collection' and is made from 60% recycled material. Not bad that you can help the environment whilst indulging in fashion!

Here's a close up of the adorable print. As my brother commented on this one: "you're going to look like a walking safari".

Chiffon snake print blouse £19.99, H&M. Not available online but get the look here.

Picking up this blouse was a bold move for me -despite my penchant for neon pink- I've never been one for animal prints, let alone a snake print! However I think the brashness and potential to look like Cruella is softened by the chiffon and oversized length. 

Yes, another addiction I seemed to have developed- Jamie jeans from Topshop! I have two really good excuses though. Firstly, I love the fit of the first pair of Jamie's I bought that I almost bought a 2nd pair at the time. Luckily I resisted as I didn't actually pay for these, I was given a £40 Topshop voucher and knew immediately what I would use it for! These aren't as soft as my other pair but they do feel more like 'real' jeans. At the moment  I love pairing them with my white converse but I look forward to dressing them up with my wedge boots for an evening out.

Gold and turquoise aztec necklace £7.99, H&M. Not available online but here's a good alternative. 

I've kinda noticed a pattern here...when I get into something, I really go overboard! Jewelry wise, I'm loving what I like to call 'hippie bling'. For example this necklace, it's bling in the sense that it's big, bold and in your face but the turquoise and aztec design make it more hippie rather than gangsta. I like to use it to jazz up a casual t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Geometric aztec necklace £12, Temporary Secretary. Sold out but available in blue & yellow, or check out the rest of the gorgeous range here!

I purchased this necklace from the shop of one of my new favourite bloggers, Temporary Secretary. It features three of my loves: pink, turquoise and aztec. I've been pairing (or should I say clashing?!) this with my new neon pink jumper. Unfortunately it's due a wash so won't be making a cameo this week.

Phew, sorry for such a long post! Hope you enjoyed reading this and taking a peek at what I bought. What do you think? What have you bought recently?