Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dove PR event

A couple of Thursdays ago, Katie was invited to a free PR event for Dove's latest product ranges (perks of working for OK! magazine!) and asked if I wanted to come along. Champagne, canapes and free Dove goodies? She didn't need to ask twice! 

The event was tucked away in a gorgeous townhouse on Fitzroy Square. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised! I was expected to be overwhelmed by a huge room filled with flashing lights and tonnes of press. Instead we found ourselves in a small, intimate room with a heavy emphasis on pampering.

After easing ourselves in with a glass of champagne, we decided to take up the offer of a 5 minute shoulder massage. Although I was a bit apprehensive of the layout of the chair, it was surprisingly relaxing and just what we needed after a day hunched over our desks.

Once we'd mooched around the room, ate the disappointing canapes and braved the health hair test- I scored a 6, with 10 being the dryest (not bad I thought considering the amount of heat I use on my hair in winter!)- we decided to check out what lay beyond the tiny door...

And this is where the fun really began....we had found Alice's Wonderland!! 

The room was wonderfully surreal. Filled with giant objects and weird lighting, we couldn't resist messing around with the props. 

Sadly we found it too late and it was soon time to leave. The blow was softened by a giant bag filled with Dove goodies and being told that we could add more from the displays on the way out. We left feeling hyper, giddy (aka tipsy) and heaving with a variety of toiletries. A successful PR event in my opinion- for both parties!

As you see in the photos, I used this event to debut my neon pink blazer. I was a little shy at first as it's anything but subtle but it seemed to go well with the strange lighting in the rabbit hole. 

Once I've finished using the products, I'll write up a review but I can tell you already that I'm mighty impressed with the Nourishing Oil Care for hair!