Monday, 24 December 2012

NYE 2012 outfit

I'm happy to say that for once I actually know already what I'm going to wear for NYE!! How did this happen? Well I realised the other day that the party dress I bought for our company Christmas trip to Ljubljana (yes really, more on that in a future post!) would be perrrfect for seeing in the New Year. 
Usually I'm not a fan of New Year's Eve...the options are usually limited to an overpriced club, overcrowded pub or trekking to a house party on the other side of London. This year my friend Danielle is hosting a small gathering where we'll be a short walk from Alexandra Palace and can watch the fireworks whilst sipping Prosecco (real classy!). 

Now on to the outfit...

How cute is this dress from Motel Rocks? The top is velvet baroque over sheer material. The skirt is skater style and actually comes just above my knees as I'm a lot shorter (5"5) than the model. It's priced at £58.00 which reflects the quality. I took my chances though and found a '30% off all dresses at Motel Rocks' discount code (win!). You can buy this dress here.

Although I first wore this dress with my Topshop ankle boots, this dress really deserves some heels. Unfortunately I can't walk in heels and find that my night is shortened by sore feet. I had a cheeky look in Deichmann's today whilst Christmas shopping (oops!) and walked out with these. They're a steal at £19.99! They're not real suede but don't look or feel cheap plus they're comfy AND I can walk in them. You can buy them here and they also come in grey, red and khaki.

To complete the look I'll be wearing this Studio Makeup lipstick in Really Red. You can buy it here.

(Picture from sundaygirlblog)

What do you think of this outfit? What are your plans for NYE? More importantly, what will you be wearing?!