Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Coat dilemma

Winter came around rather quickly this year, didn't it? It hardly left me any time to find the perfect winter coat. After finally retiring my beloved red duffle coat which saw me through uni, I'm on the hunt for a classier cover-up. 

After having a browse through all the usual suspect's online stores, I have to admit that I've been disappointed with their offerings. Everything feels a little same-y; oversized men's style, contrast sleeves and THAT leather Zara coat. Don't get me wrong, each one can look great on the right person but not really what I'm looking for. 

Instead, I'm torn between two different coats- one with buttons and one without.

First up, this Military Pea Coat by ASOS:

I love the colour, shape and piped trim. It's definitely a classic style that could be worn for the next couple of winters. However I'm a little put off by what looks like an arrow down the sides of the coat underneath the collar..does it look weird?! That aside, I'm quite tempted to buy it and at £75, it won't break the bank too much.

Next up is this Biker Detail Coat by Oasis:

To me, this is slightly edgier than the previous coat, hence it's appeal. It's simple but with striking detail. I am a little worried about the shape and whether it would suit my shape but the reviews have all commented on it's flattering properties. My other concern is it's longevity- would I still want to wear this next year and the year after that? At £100, I would want more than a couple of months wear out of it!

So it's a tough call...luckily ASOS have free returns and I can pop into an Oasis branch so I can give them both a whirl.

Which one do you prefer? Have you already got your winter coat?