Sunday, 7 October 2012

These boots were made for walkin'

I know it's been a while- September was a hectic month! And there was me thinking that once uni had finished I would have more time to focus on blogging... 

This is a short n sweet post to share with you a cheeky purchase I just made. I have spent the last week searching for the perfect pair of ankle boots online and in stores. I had these brown ankle boots delivered from Deichmann's:

Although they are a complete bargain at £14.99 plus free delivery (!), unfortunately they were a little too masculine for my liking. However if they are to your taste I would highly recommend them as they are very sturdy for the price and would last longer than a Primark pair! You can buy them here.

After an unsuccessful hunt in Peacock's, New Look, Zara and Office- I think I may have just found THE pair on the Topshop website:

Admittedly, I only JUST ordered them so there's a good chance I could end up hugely disappointed but after reading the reviews I was sold. They are 5 times the price of the Deichmann pair at £75 (ouch!) but they're made from real leather. Plus they look gorgeous and can be paired with anything and everything. If like me, you've fallen in love then hurry on up and buy them from here.

In other news, I finally made it to Croatia! Once I've sifted through the 350+ photos, I'll be uploading a couple of posts about my trip. I can tell you now though, it is the most beautiful place I've been to yet! 

What has everyone been up to? Which autumn/winter boots will you be picking up?