Sunday, 12 August 2012

Primark Haul

Faux-silk vest £8, Primark

First up is this gorgeous light vest. Whilst the colours are autumnal, the material is perfect for keeping cool in London's current humid weather. Out of all my purchases, this item was the best quality both in terms of look and feel. Saying that, I feel that the zip on the back looks a little cheap with the bright blue material.


Sleeveless blouse with sheer back £7, Primark

At first I thought that this blouse was a complete steal at £7; cotton at the front, sheer at the back with lace panels. However once I got home, I had to take a pair of scissors to it in order to trim all the loose threads. Tut, tut Primark. I suppose this proves that you get what you pay for! Also beware that you will have to size up with this blouse. Other than those minor grumbles, it is a lovely lightweight piece that I received a compliment on the first time I wore it. It also comes in cream and plum (dark reddish purple).


Super skinny jeans £11 each, Primark

As I was lacking on the trouser/jeans front, I decided to pick up two pairs of their coloured skinny jeans. As with most 'jeans' these days, they're more like a lighter chino material than denim. The material also slightly varies between the two, with the dark grey pair having a softer feel. Admittedly they don't fit as perfectly as the Topshop Leigh jeans but at over a third of the price, I was happy to settle for almost perfect! They come in plenty of other colours too but I restrained myself from popping any more into my basket.

Blazer £18 & Jumper £8, Primark

The photo of the blazer doesn't do it justice- it's a lightweight material that sits nicely on the body in a blazer shape. The best way to describe the pattern is 'scribbled-on' hearts. £18 may seem a little pricey for Primark but the material has a more luxurious feel than it's cheaper counterparts. It is also perfect for slightly chillier summer days and for autumn. It has a matching playsuit but I was unimpressed with the quality- I could already see the sheer paneling on the chest falling apart. 
I feel that the striped knit was a complete bargain because it is a lovely soft knit. Sadly, it's not cold enough to wear it yet but I didn't want to leave it behind in case it wasn't there next time! It has a single silver button on the shoulder detail.

Aztec Vest £10, Peacocks

This last item isn't from Primark but I wanted to share it anyway. It was an actually an exchange for a t-shirt that I originally bought but shrank in the wash! Very sad because I actually loved the t-shirt- sheer cotton, aztec print but it wasn't meant to be. I actually adore this vest too- I can never resist a bit of pink! I don't mind spending a bit more in Peacocks as the quality is generally far better than Primark.

Have you had much success in Primark recently? How about the rest of the high street? Feel free to link to your posts in the comments!

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