Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My life recently...



1. Rocking a rain poncho at Wireless Festival where I saw DRAKE! 
2. Chillin' at Wireless with my lil sis 
3. At Skimlinks HQ- my new place of work, YAY! 
4. Looking like a Harry Potter extra at my graduation 
5. #foodporn meat version at Giraffe 
6. #foodporn veggie version

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blog front but at least now I have some decent excuses- I've had a busy ol' week. Firstly, I managed to get a job at Skimlinks- so thrilled! If you don't know already, they are a technology start-up that have cleverly developed a free and nifty bit of technology that rewards publishers (such as bloggers) for creating purchase intent through their content. It's nice to a) find a job so quickly and b) especially one that is linked to my hobby and is so enjoyable!

Following that I went to Wireless Festival on Saturday. Drake was headlining and I also saw Nicki Minaj, Professor Green, Labyrinth, Delilah, Rita Ora and The Weeknd. I took my little sister and had fun dancing around in the rain in my wellies and rain poncho. I would highly recommend this festival- even though there were 60,000+ people it ran so smoothly and had a really good atmosphere. Although there were FAR too many girls wearing denim shorts revealing their arsecheeks....

And finally- yesterday I had my graduation back up in Leeds. It was lovely seeing people from my course again and catching up. It felt kinda sad that we were officially graduates and no longer students but it was a lovely day. Unfortunately as it rained constantly, I barely have any photos! I also look like a student enrolled at Hogwarts- I had no idea what to wear so went for my sleeveless blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt and my brogues. Some of my friends by contrast looked so glam! I then celebrated afterwards in Giraffe and took full advantage of their Happy Hour and 'Burger & Fries for £5.95 offer', so tasty!

What have you all been up to? More importantly, how are you dressing during this climate??

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Lots of love,