Sunday, 22 July 2012

London Fields Brewery

L-R: Outdoor seating area of London Fields Brewery, moi, my very happy friend Ross, even the dogs are cool in Hackney, teeny tiny hoover and washing machine on the street, couldn't resist!

The sun has finally returned to London- hooray! Yesterday I was invited to go and experience what London Fields Brewery had to offer for my work summer party so I dragged along my friend Ross. I had already had a peek on their website and been emailed some photos, yet this place far exceeded my expectations. 

The venue comprises of two covered spaces underneath the arches and one long outdoor space with a full-on BBQ kitchen. The BBQ caters for both meat eaters and veggies- Ross went for a smoked pulled pork burrito and I sampled the veggie sausages. We can both testify that they were amazing! Within the burger you get the full works of coleslaw, mustard, ketchup and gherkin- all for £6. Each week they give out their free experimental beer- this week was a concoction involving elderflower! They offer a selection of beer, ale, cider and even Pimm's. For real ale lovers you can pay a tenner for a full brewery tour complete with a tasting afterwards.

The best thing about this place is the atmosphere- relaxed, informal, casual and unpretentious. Yes you do get your East London hipsters but they didn't dominate the place- it was a varied crowd. There were even a few babies and a variety of dogs thrown into the mix. It steadily got busier and as the night goes on it features live bands and djs so you can party on into the night (although we left just before 6pm).

Ross and I were both so impressed that we were planning our next visit- if I'm lucky I'll be there again next weekend for my work summer party- fingers crossed!

Have you ever been to London Fields Brewery? Would you consider going? I highly recommend it!

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*Disclaimer- I was not paid to write this!