Thursday, 28 June 2012


As much as I love London when the sun shines, it leaves me craving a beach holiday. This year I will be waiting a little longer and wont be travelling until September. Although I have yet to book, I am intent on going to Croatia (luckily the bf is in agreement with me!). 

Croatia is often recommended as a cheaper- but just as stunning- alternative to Italy. It has yet to join the EU (although they are set to in January) so they still have their own currency and appears to be far less touristy than more popular destinations. Its not just a pretty face though- from what I've seen/heard, it has retained a lot of its rich history and culture. So plenty to explore!

Here are my favourite photos from the Lonely Planet Guide to Croatia:

(All images from here)

It's absolutely stunning, wouldn't you agree? The tricky part is deciding which part to go to! As I'm after a beach holiday more than a city break I have been recommended islands on the Dalamatian Coast (best name!). 

Have you ever been to Croatia before? Where would you recommend?