Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer-ish Haul: Part One

I called this a 'summer-ish' haul because although these were bought for summer, the weather has not delivered! Luckily these pieces are versatile and can be dressed up, down and worn with other layers if the weather is a little chilly.

I apologise in advance for all the different backgrounds- I've been trying to photograph this little haul for weeks! Some of the photos were taken in my (old) room in Leeds and in London but they say variety is the spice of life ;-)

Blouse £10, Primark

I actually exchanged this for a Peter Pan blouse that I orginally bought but decided was a little childish- it was a speedy find by my dad (who clearly wanted to vacate Primark asap!), he has good taste wouldn't you agree? I like it because it's simple with subtle detailing. It's not too clear in the photo but it is lace on the collar and body and sheer everywhere else including the back. Plus I don't think it looks like Primark- which is a sign of a good buy in my opinion!

Tan Sandals £4, Primark

Again, these were found by someone else, my friend Jordan, who picked them up after I told her my strict criteria for sandals- nothing between the toes. I haven't had as much wear out of them as I would like but when I have been able to, they haven't let me down. Super comfy and go with everything!

Long Cream Sleeveless Blouse £14.99, H&M

I actually just realised that Jordan also picked this out for me! Whoops, I guess I'm a lucky gal with all my personal shoppers ;-). This was the hardest out of my haul to capture on camera. I had to fold the bottom because it is really long- it falls just above my knees, almost like a dress! It's sheer so I wear with a cami underneath but it's a lovely cool piece to keep covered on a hot day. I love the swirly flower detail on the collar.

Rustic gold collar £7.99, H&M

Collars have been around for a while now and rightly so! There is something very chic about a collar that can dress up an outfit in one simple step. Amusingly, as men tend to describe more 'fashion-y' pieces, my boyfriend said that I looked like Cleopatra whilst wearing it! I disagree but I'll take it as I think she was a cool lady.

Floral Leggings £20 £12, Topshop

Initially I was thrilled when I found these on the sale rail because they were supersoft and I managed to squeeze myself into a Size 8 (they obviously come up big!). However after the first wash they have become very bobbly and have lost their softness. Nonetheless they are very comfy, colourful and go nicely with the long H&M blouse above. Plus they're not see-through!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation in 53 Light Beige £10.99, Superdrug & Nail Polish in Cloak and Dagger £5, Topshop

I had read good things about this foundation on the blogosphere but I was really sold when I needed a touch-up before a night out so I used a little of my friend's. It smells so fruity, makes your face look radiant (as promised!) and is semi-matte. The only slight downside is that it is very light coverage so not good if you're having a bad skin day (or week in my case) but it's perfect for summer and I'm not one for caking myself in heavy foundation. Admittedly the black nail colour isn't very summery but I do love black nails and I'm impressed with the consistency and finish of this polish. Plus the packaging is so cute!

Sunglasses £1, Poundworld

This purchase was completely random- I went into Poundworld whilst out with my pops and spotted these! Annoyingly my camera has managed to capture the dust and crap on them but I thought they were rather stylish for Poundworld! 

So there you have it- I hope you enjoyed reading and please link me to your hauls, I love seeing what people have picked up!