Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hello sunshine!

I promise this hasn't turned into some sort of wildlife blog! I ventured up to Hyde Park in London today and managed to capture some of the beautiful greenery and wildlife that it has to offer. Often when people think of London, they think of it as a great big city full of pollution, stuffy tubes and overcrowded streets. So here is another side of London that can be found by the Serpentine River- it's a short walk from Knightsbridge or Marble Arch tube station. If you're visiting London soon I urge that you go and visit, particularly if the sun is shining!

On another note, I'm really getting into photography at the moment. Currently I'm using a tiny little fujifilm digital camera but I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the snaps (which are unedited)! Any advice from more experienced photographers? 

Hope you have all been enjoying the weather in some form or another- link me to your blogs if you have similar posts :)