Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day Trip to York

1. Cute ice cream parlour featuring HRH in the window! 2. Raunchy donuts 3. Cliffords Tower 4. Geese 5. Big foot, little foot 6. Riverside 7. Yorkshire Herald printing building 8. Posing for a snap 9. In-action shot! 10. Me again (sorry!) 11. York City football team parade 12. Standard 13. Evening geese 14. Instagram shot taken by ME on Dan's iphone

Apologies for my hiatus, I finally finished my degree (!) and have been enjoying the freedom from my laptop and desk. 
This post is a little different- these are photos I took on a day trip to York yesterday which is a short train ride from Leeds. It is a quintessentially English town with medieval buildings and landmarks. Very fitting for the Jubliee fever which has hit the UK at the moment! We walked around, had a huge pub lunch at the Black Swan, walked around some more, drank some overpriced Heineken by the river, accidentally stumbled on to the York City football team winners parade and finished off with some ice cream in the museum gardens. Heaven.

Have you ever been to York? Any recommendations for my next visit?

Hope everyone is enjoying the heatwave, I'm back in London for a few days and plan to make the most of it!