Monday, 6 February 2012

Thou shalt not covet...

From L-R: ASOS Green Flatforms, Topshop Black Ambush Boots, ASOS Coffee Platform Sandals, 
Topshop Owl Jumper, River Island Printed Blazer, River Island Printed Trousers
Miss Selfridge Bronte Boots, Cheap Frills Cat Ears Ring, ASOS Pastel Denim

I know in my last post that I promised a creative and unique post but unfortunately my creativity has been zapped by juggling uni work, my job and social life! I am actually really enjoying blogging though so I had an urge to post and show you my current wishlist. In case you couldn't already tell, I ADORE bright colours and love how they seem to be 'in' this season which means I have plenty to choose from. Bright colours instantly lift my mood and remind me of my favourite season- summer. Unfortunately I will not be making any more major purchases till March/April but that doesn't mean a girl can't dream.

I never used to really care for ASOS but a combination of Katie continually finding gems from there and bloggers such as Audrey and Morven showcasing their ASOS garments on a regular basis means I am now lusting after several items from there. Plus the ASOS magazine came through my letterbox addressed to a previous tenant and I felt it was far superior to a lot of the magazines you have to pay for.

I should probably admit that I would never have the courage to wear both the delightful blazer and trousers from River Island a lá Jessie J but I would be content with either piece!

My v.considerate boyfriend has stolen acquired a mascara from Soap & Glory so once I have tried it out I will post a review. After reading this post by The London Lipgloss I have just been VERY naughty and ordered the Clarins Daily Energizer Cleanser Gel from Feel Unique. It was £9.45 and free delivery in my defense- every skincare obsessive can testify that a cleanser from a French brand for under a tenner is a bargain! So I will post a review on that too once I have given it a good go.

Thanks for reading!

Smaz xx