Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Smaz's first post

Hello there. Yes, it is extremely arsey to refer to your self in third person but in keeping with the name of the blog, I thought it would make a fetching title for the post. Seeing as this is my first post, I will briefly introduce myself. My real name is Sarah, I'm 22 (eek) and currently in my third and final year at uni. What is the purpose of this blog? I'm not sure really...I read so many, I got a lovely little camera for xmas (cheers boyf!) and I have been told that I need a hobby. Maybe something for the CV depending on how it goes? Highly unlikely! Here are a few recent photos and current lusts to get me started, enjoy....

NEED this watch in my life...I already have a Baby G but not as swish as this! Extremely steep at £250...I mean that is how much you pay for a designer watch, isn't it? I wouldn't know, I've never looked into buying one but I can imagine I may get a better name for the price. Although I have always loved Baby G so maybe a graduation present? 

My favourite Christmas present after my camera! I ADORE Soap & Glory and have done for a number of years....not the cheapest of products but luckily for the last couple of years Boots will reduce the mega gift set to under half price just before xmas so my dear brother only paid £25 for the whole set! (I am also feeling v.smug with the quality of this pic, mad photography skillz!)

So yeaaaah, not much so far but I thought I would ease you in gently ;-). Next post I reckon will be a haul as I plan on doing some retail therapy. I promise sometime in the future that I may post something deep and meaningful....until then, adios! x